Welcome to My Team Cure Challenge Personal Page!

Help Send 'Team Running Buffaloes' to Lake Tahoe!

Welcome to my Team Cure Challenge personal page!

Erik and I are currently training and fundraising to run in the Lake Tahoe Half Marathon as part of the TEAM CURE Challenge. We are team Running Buffaloes (woo hoo)!

We’ve been running a lot of races lately, but decided to do this race in honor of Erik’s mom, Chris, who recently had some trouble with skin cancer. Though she is OK, we love her and want to raise money in her honor so that Roswell can continue to make advances in fighting this type of cancer for her, and others who struggle with it.

80 percent of our proceeds go directly to Roswell Park! 80 percent!!

One out of three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Most of us know someone that has successfully battled cancer. We also know someone who has had their life taken by it.

The money that Erik and I raise will help researchers and physicians at Roswell Park Cancer Institute better understand the causes of cancer and discover new methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

It means a lot to me that you would take the time to visit my fundraising page, and I hope that you can support me and Roswell Park Cancer Institute!

--- THANK YOU to everyone who helped at, and came to our benefit on Wednesday (7/29). Your support helped us raise more than $2,200 toward our goal! ---

Congratulations to Elizabeth Sniezak of West Seneca, our Buffalo Bills raffle winner! Thanks to all who participated!
Support my fundraising efforts!


Funds Raised

My Sponsors
Anonymous 9/16/2009 $437.00 Various donors
Archana Shenoy 9/15/2009 $50.00 Happy Birthday!! (dont worry you get a 'real' gift too!)
Anonymous 9/12/2009 $102.00 Buffalo Bills Ticket Raffle
Evan Crahen 9/8/2009 $160.00 From the National Fuel football pool
Anonymous 8/31/2009 $118.00 Holland Speedway 50/50 - Week 2
Anonymous 8/31/2009 $50.00
Anonymous 8/21/2009 $35.00 Bills Raffle Tix
Anonymous 8/19/2009 $131.00 Holland Speedway 50/50
Michael Daggs 8/19/2009 $10.00
Shannon Szramka 8/19/2009 $10.00
Anonymous 8/15/2009 $300.00 NYS Lottery Raffle
Erik Christensen 8/15/2009 $42.50 Bills Raffle Tix
Justin Lazerick 8/13/2009 $20.00
Michael DiPaolo 8/13/2009 $20.00 Michael & Patricia DiPaolo
Carolyn Human 8/13/2009 $12.50
Jessica Manocchio 8/10/2009 $978.00 SOHO Benefit
Jessica Manocchio 8/10/2009 $100.00 Coffee Fundraiser
Brenda Spillman 8/1/2009 $15.00 I am proud of you! We are going to have fun in Tahoe!
Seema Malyavantham 7/31/2009 $25.00
Archana Shenoy 7/30/2009 $15.00 sorry i couldn't make it yesterday!
Michael Allexenberg 7/30/2009 $100.00
Marino Manocchio 7/29/2009 $15.00 Happy Hour Ticket Purchase.
Steven Christensen 7/28/2009 $30.00 Steven and Christine Christensen
Kimberly Fennell 7/27/2009 $10.00
Emily Ciraolo 7/24/2009 $30.00 For two tickets to the SoHo party!
Jenny Hawley 7/22/2009 $20.00 Good luck to both!! This is ticket purchase + some
Anonymous 7/21/2009 $25.00 Good luck!!!
Earl Springborn 7/20/2009 $20.00
Steven Christensen 7/11/2009 $125.00
Archana Shenoy 7/8/2009 $35.00 Good luck!!
Jessica Manocchio 6/30/2009 $203.00 From the Erik & Jess Yard Sale!
Erik Christensen 6/30/2009 $2.00 just because i wanted to get to $500.00
Karen Berger 6/30/2009 $20.00
Chadwick De Marco 6/18/2009 $5.00 Good Luck
Alexis Wiechec 6/16/2009 $20.00
Emily Ciraolo 6/10/2009 $5.00 Best of luck to you and Erik!
Marcella Picone 6/9/2009 $10.00 This is a personal donation on behalf of Uncle Bob's Storage
Total: $3,306.00
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