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Please support me as generously as possible as I cycle on behalf of cancer patients.
By Mail: If you prefer to donate by check, cash or money order, mail to The Ride For Roswell, PO Box 644, Buffalo, NY 14240-0644. (Remember to include my name in the memo field).
By Phone: Call 716-THE-RIDE (843-7433) and ask a Ride Coordinator to assist you with a donation.

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Bradley's Ride For Roswell

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When I joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of 19, I was voluntarily putting myself in harms way, facing death each day. I had the choice if I wanted to do that or go to college and be safe. Cancer patients aren't given that choice. They weren't sitting in class one day saying "you know what, I'm tired of this, I want to face this everyday." Often times people wonder and ask, "how many people die each year of cancer?" This is the wrong question to ask, what it should be is, "how many people LIVE each year with cancer?" Help me make this the case, help someone LIVE!

On June 25th, I will be cycling 75 miles in The Ride For Roswell, an outdoor cycling event, to raise funds for Roswell Park's critical research and patient care programs. Roswell Park is one of the nation's first Comprehensive Cancer Centers designated by the National Cancer Institute. Today, it is the only such center in Upstate New York.

This will be the second year that I have participated in the Ride For Roswell. This year my ride will be dedicated to a young man from back home in Greensboro. Brooks Spencer, who ten years ago, at the age of just 16, passed after a 16 month fight agains bone cancer.

The money I raise will help researchers and clinicians better understand the causes of cancer and discover new methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. These funds also support compassionate patient care programs that promote the quality of life of patients and families.

Thank you again for considering a donation and helping me to support Roswell Park’s mission to understand, prevent and cure cancer.

*One out of two men and one in three women in America will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Most of us know someone who has successfully battled cancer. We also know someone who has had their life taken by it.

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Funds Raised

My Sponsors
Bev Ringgold 6/24/2011 $50.00 In memory of Brooks with love. With gratitude Bradley for your service and dedication to this cause!
Daniel Kotyk 6/22/2011 $25.00 Best of luck on your ride!
Melanie Hamel 6/18/2011 $25.00
Ina Ramos 6/18/2011 $50.00
Dawn Wayman 6/15/2011 $25.00
John Voshell 6/14/2011 $50.00
Kelly Mallon 6/14/2011 $25.00 Go B Go! Always remember Courage, Hope & Strength!! All our love!!
Amber Thompson 6/8/2011 $100.00 This is for my husband's mother, Kitty Dailey, who passed away from cancer a few years ago.
Sweet Beginnings Bakery 6/8/2011 $100.00 Your Sweet Begiinings Bakery Family !!! We luv You !!!!
Amy Casey 6/8/2011 $25.00
Laura Schulenberg 6/4/2011 $30.00
Robert McGinley 5/19/2011 $25.00 Looking Forward to the Ride !! Bob and Bobbie
Brian Rupert 5/16/2011 $25.00 Hi, you 're doing awesome!! Time to stop procrastinating! I hope to see you at the Peloton.
Anonymous 5/14/2011 $50.00 Justin Treisch
Eric Steel 5/11/2011 $100.00
Tanya Bokma 5/9/2011 $50.00 In remembrance of you Chrissy! We all love you and miss you so much!
Tyson Barnhart 5/4/2011 $25.00 Eff Cancer
April Harned 5/3/2011 $15.00 Fight for a cure! Way to go Bradley!
Norma Zimmerman 4/30/2011 $25.00
Molly Santoro 4/30/2011 $25.00 Ride Strong!
Anonymous 4/29/2011 $5.00 In loving memory of Terry Shuey Bradley and Sara Wood
Anonymous 4/29/2011 $20.00
Brandon Gray 4/28/2011 $25.00
Anonymous 4/27/2011 $20.00 Bradley and Sara Wood
Anonymous 4/21/2011 $20.00
Carole Weinmann 4/20/2011 $100.00
Victoria Madsen 4/20/2011 $50.00
Heidi Fellon 4/20/2011 $25.00 In Memory of Brooks
Cynthia Barcinas 4/19/2011 $50.00 On behalf of my fearless LEADER, Joseph O'Connor....Making the donation for my Aunts who are currently fighting the battle!!! Let's find a CURE NOW!!!!
Jacqueline Johnson 4/19/2011 $25.00
Michael Wood 4/17/2011 $50.00 here we go again
Anonymous 4/5/2011 $120.00 Dedicated to Melissa Hendrix Bradley and Sara Wood
Jen Benson 4/3/2011 $100.00 Good Luck Bradley!!! Keep up the great work on the fight to find a cure!!!
Crystal Serrano 4/1/2011 $150.00
David Spencer 3/29/2011 $50.00 from David and Cathy
Anonymous 3/23/2011 $25.00
Sarah Bartell 3/23/2011 $15.00
Michael Hodge 3/23/2011 $15.00 Best of luck!! Wish we could help you out more! Miss you guys!Michael, Sara and Joey
Taralee Wood 3/18/2011 $25.00 Keep up the good work Uncle B, love T, E, Rhy & "Bump"!
Paul Schara 3/13/2011 $25.00 donation from Paul and Barb Schara
Shelly Kennedy 3/7/2011 $100.00
Elizabeth Busch 3/1/2011 $25.00
Tracie Roberts 2/20/2011 $25.00
Cheryl Griffin 1/25/2011 $25.00 In memory of Richard
Joshua Rapp 1/21/2011 $15.00
Dave DeMeester 1/19/2011 $25.00 Thank you for helping to fund local research, education and care
First State Health and Fitness 1/17/2011 $25.00 Have Fun Guys!!
Sarah Salem 1/12/2011 $25.00
Joseph O'Connor 1/9/2011 $25.00
Bradley Wood 1/5/2011 $25.00 Lets get things going!
Total: $2,075.00
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