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Welcome to My Personal Page!

Hey all! I'm a master's student at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and I promised I was doing Bald for Bucks this year, so here I am! I've set a high goal, but we can make it! So, let's go!
The $500 halfway goal has been met. Do you know what that means? It means I will be painting the blue arrow of the Air Benders ( on my newly bald noggin. You guys are awesome!
One out of three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Most of us know someone that has successfully battled cancer. We also know someone who has had their life taken by it.

This spring, I will be Goin' Bald for Bucks to raise funds for critical research and patient care at one of the nation's top comprehensive cancer centers - Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

The money I raise will help researchers and physicians better understand the causes of cancer and discover new methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Please support me as generously as possible and click on the "Pledge Now" button to make a donation.

For more information about Roswell Park Cancer Institute, please visit
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Funds Raised

My Sponsors
Anonymous 2/4/2011 $50.00
Darcy Sowers 2/5/2011 $50.00 Woot! Go, KEZ, go!
Louise Carlson 2/7/2011 $50.00
Daniel Fisher 2/7/2011 $50.00 Almost reached the Avatar State.
Priti Bangia 2/8/2011 $50.00
Jennifer Blickwedehl 2/8/2011 $50.00 Good for you. Anna would say, "You rock dude!"
Michelle Appenheimer 2/24/2011 $50.00
Naveen Bangia 3/8/2011 $50.00 Had to see it to believe it ! Fabulous !
Anonymous 2/6/2011 $40.00 Show us some scalp! w00t!
Tara Tallan 2/21/2011 $30.00
Samantha Wikan 2/23/2011 $25.00
Pj Perez 2/28/2011 $25.00 I did this myself for St. Baldrick's a few years ago. So awesome that you are too. Good luck hitting your goal!
Terrance Egan 2/7/2011 $25.00
Robin Dempsey 2/12/2011 $25.00
Robin Dempsey 2/12/2011 $25.00
Michelle Zastrow 2/13/2011 $25.00 Getting closer to the big goal, KEZ! WOO!
Florian Philipp 2/6/2011 $25.00
Vincent Giamo 2/7/2011 $25.00
Cheryl Krieger 2/4/2011 $25.00 Glad to help you reach your goal!!! Good luck!
Chelsey Reed 2/4/2011 $25.00 you have a lot of guts... cant wait to see your shiny head!
Elizabeth Repasky 2/4/2011 $25.00
Peg Fisher 3/3/2011 $25.00 Way to have a great day! :D
Bruce Fein 3/3/2011 $25.00
Anonymous 3/3/2011 $25.00
David Adams 3/3/2011 $25.00 You Go, Kez!
Tim Prendergast 3/3/2011 $20.00
Barb Jacobs Illustration 2/8/2011 $20.00 Hoorah! Get the clippers!
Tanvi Gupta 2/28/2011 $20.00 Good Luck Karen
Tanvi Gupta 2/28/2011 $20.00 Good luck Karen..
Peg Fisher 2/6/2011 $15.00 Chrome dome for research funding is cool! :)
Brett Daniel 2/4/2011 $15.00 Good hopes!
David Hoekstra 3/3/2011 $10.00
Thomas Mace 2/7/2011 $10.00 It's going to be weird seeing you with no hair...but this of course is definitely a good cause!
Ryan Cummings 2/8/2011 $10.00 You are my hero!
Brittany Lipchick 2/4/2011 $10.00
Kelly Cycon 2/4/2011 $10.00 WOW you go girl!!!
Santosh Rohit Yerrabolu 2/4/2011 $10.00 Hats off or rather multiple hats to you!!!
Great initiative!!!
Nicholas Hoffend 2/5/2011 $10.00
Mary Hensen 3/1/2011 $10.00
Santosh Rohit Yerrabolu 3/1/2011 $10.00
David Hoekstra 2/28/2011 $10.00
William Magner 2/14/2011 $10.00
Debarati Banik 2/15/2011 $10.00 Good luck..u r almost there
Anonymous 2/21/2011 $10.00
Anonymous 2/7/2011 $10.00
Victoria Misslin 2/9/2011 $10.00
Total: $1,105.00
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2/21/2011I get paid at the end of the month!! :xmvmarcz
2/8/2011Dry erase boards: because you can't get high off of chalk. ^_^OctoSolo
2/4/2011much respect, sis!dien
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