Mykel Ruffini

M. RuffiniMy name is Mykel Ruffini. I am 10 years old and was playing in gym at school when I hurt my side. I was in a lot of pain so my mom and dad took me to the hospital. Then I was sent to Children’s Hospital. They did a CAT scan for the second time and found a huge mass on my kidney.

Then I was in ICU because I tore a little bit of my mass so I was bleeding internally. They took good care of me so I went home. Then I had a biopsy on November 6th, 2008 and November 11th I went to Roswell to find out I had a Wilms' Tumor Stage III, so I had to get chemo. Mykel hat front- Profile

After six weeks my tumor shrunk and I was able to have surgery. They removed my tumor and my left kidney. Then a week after, I had radiation for seven days. I just would like everyone to know that I love Roswell. When you walk in there they have a man playing the piano, the most beautiful music that you can imagine. Also they are making me better every day.Mykel hat - back